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In the Refund Status column you can see the date your refund request was submitted or when it was processed.

Refund requests are submitted immediately to your payment processor or financial institution after NCC has received and processed your request. It may take 5 to 10 business days or longer to post the funds in your account, depending on your financial institution or location.

All eligible courses purchased on NCC can be refunded within 30 days, provided the request meets the guidelines in our refund policy.

In cases where a transaction is not eligible for a refund to your original payment method.

Dear Student Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your payment refund inquiry. We understand the importance of resolving this matter promptly, and we appreciate your patience.

To request a refund, students need to fill out a refund request form available at the computer center's administrative office. The form requires details such as the reason for the refund and proof of payment.

Refunds typically take 7-10 business days to process once the request is submitted and approved. However, this timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the refund and the volume of requests.

No, there are no processing fees for refund requests. The entire amount paid will be refunded to the student if the request is approved.

Refunds are typically issued through the same payment method used for the original transaction. If the payment was made electronically, the refund will also be processed electronically.

If a refund request is denied, the student will receive a notification explaining the reason for the denial. They may have the option to appeal the decision or seek further clarification from the administrative office.

Yes, refund requests must be submitted within a specific timeframe, usually within 7 days from the date of the initial payment. Requests submitted after this deadline may not be considered.

Yes, students can inquire about the status of their refund requests by contacting the administrative office or checking the status online if such a system is in place.

Students need to provide proof of payment, such as a receipt or transaction record, along with a valid reason for requesting the refund.

Refunds may not be permitted in certain situations, such as for non-refundable fees or services already rendered. It's essential to review the terms and conditions related to payments before requesting a refund.

Yes, students can authorize another individual to pick up their refund by providing written consent and a valid form of identification for both parties. This ensures security and accountability in the refund process.
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