Data Entry

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In simple terms, data entry deals with entering or updating data into a computer system.

Data is typically entered using a keyboard, optical scanner or data recorder. It is not uncommon to see Data entry being bundled up with other relevant courses. Some such notable courses are – Office Management and Data Entry course, Secretarial Practice and machine operation course, Office Automation and Data Entry course etc.

Benefits of Data Entry Course

  • Data entry online helps in the process of Research and Analysis.
  • Data entry online helps in generating information from across the web.
  • Conversion of raw data into digital data which can be processed in various industrial sectors.
  • Helps in electronic word processing.
  • Online data entry can be made use of in some cases for data retrieval, if you need to make use of data online
  • Facilitates Data migration

Train Students for Various Prospects

  • Computer Operation
  • Software and Hardware
  • Typing
  • Internet Technology

Various Bundled Courses for Data Entry

  • Office Management
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Communication Skills
  • Office Assistant Training

Career Prospects

After completing data entry course, you can apply for various types of job in Offices, Business firms, Small & Medium scale enterprises etc. You may even find work at Hotels, resorts, gyms, clubs etc, where you may work as a receptionist!

Roles for Data Entry According to Career Prospects

  • Computer Operator
  • Record Keeper
  • Clerk
  • Receptionist

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